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Limontejo is our limoncello, produced with the ancient and noble recipe of the italian liquor. Using the natural lemons from our farm in Alentejo, with a craft production, it’s the first “vero” limoncello that has ever been made in Portugal.

Limontejo’s Perfect Serve is, without any doubt, pure and really cool!

There are, however, endless combinations and ways to use it that make it an extremely versatile drink, either in mixology or with food.

Limontejo with tonic and basil; Limontejo with gin and tonic; Limontejo caipirinha; Limontejo mojito; Limontejo with Campari and cream, these are just a few fine examples, but there are countless others.

In the kitchen we suggest Limontejo with mixed fruit salad or a strawberry salad. In deserts and ice creams; the ways to mix it are almost endless.

Limontejo bottle 500 ml.

  • Limoncello:

    Limoncello is a sweet liquor obtained from an ancient recipe passed from generation to generation. It’s produced by the infusion of the zest from the finest lemons in alcohol, mixing wisely with water, sugar, time and passion.

    Nowadays limoncello is, undoubtedly, one of Italy’s most famous beverages throughout the world.


    Lemon Liqueur.

    Alcohol Content:

    (%vol.) 30%


    Alcohol, water, lemons, sugar.

    Conservation Conditions:

    Do not store in places with high temperatures and avoid direct sunlight.

    Conditions of Use:

    Ready to drink. Drink, if possible, really cool.

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